Biodiversity Flora and Fauna

Lesson & Activity Downloads

Antscape Art Lesson

Living and Non-Living Unit of Work (Stage 1)

Dung Beetles Activity

The River Red Gum Ecosystem Powerpoint.

Useful Websites and Resources

Special Forever is a water education project for primary schools in the Murray-Darling Basin. Teachers can download teaching units from the website or create their own, based on the themes of the project.

The School Environment Education Directory offers links to range of resources including: biodiversity, climate change, sustainability, waste and water.

Murrray Care is a website with a vision for urban communities to take responsibility for the future of the River Murray. This valuable and rich resources provides lesson ideas from k – 12; interactive links and games; book lists; and various information and maps.

The West Corurgan Wildlife Booklet is a useful guide to Flora and Fauna of the Murray Catchment for teachers and students.

Department of Sustainability and Environment provide some fantastic interactive maps. These maps allow students and teachers to select variable displayed on a map for example various fauna and flora, forests and wetlands.